Fast Route Datorryggsäck 15.6"

KabinstorlekPerfekt för en 2-dagarsresa

Made with rPet
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Garanti Begränsad 3 års global garanti
Model Datorryggsäck
Färg Dark Blue/Blue
Material 100% Recyclex®
Mått 51 x 35 x 29 cm
Size cabin-size
Volym 38.5 L
Vikt 2 kg
SKU 135154-6428


Kategori Mjuk väska
Dragkedjor Standarddragkedjor
Handtag Topphandtag
Draghandtag Draghandtag med två skenor
Hjultyp Integrerat hjulsystem
Ytterfickor 1 framficka
Ryggsäcksremmar Ergonomiska ryggsäcksremmar
Sternum Strap Ja
Kabinväskor Ja
Reflective details Ja
Miljövänlig Ja
Huvudfack Ja
Packningsband I huvudfacket
Datorfack Ja
Skärmstorlek, dator 15.6"
Tabletficka Ja
Tablet Screen Size 10.5"
Intern organisation Ja
Fast Route

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Move fast throughout the city with our newest dedicated Backpack on Wheels collection, Fast Route. Choose between the more classic or sporty range and travel with all the comfort you need for a day out or 2-day getaway. Each style is foreseen with multiple pockets on the front for easy access to your personal items and main compartment with cross ribbons to make sure your clothing stays organised. Take advantage of the 2-way use of the Backpack on Wheels item, roll it or carry it as a backpack, and take the fastest route on the train, bus or bike!